Rosa Pamphlet Bundle (Red Series),
Rosa Press

young girls with no jobs and timid eyes; old girls with no jobs and telling eyes

In Pulp, Sarah Rodigari re-reads a stack of lesbian novels gleaned from trips to discount bins and secondhand bookshops. The pulp titles are read for their recurring preoccupations – jobs, bars, shops, jerks – and reimagined into short poems that explore queer desire and public feeling. Rodigari’s poetic intervention is in direct dialogue with the books’ covers (their cut-price stickers and silhouettes) and suggests an inventory of the pulp character’s passage through the city, through codes of intimacy and withdrawal, with and without shit jobs and shit bosses. The pulp character here is both a relic and a fantasy, a ghostly figure tugged free from its reference, or else, forever in search of its promise ( Rosa Press).

The Red Series pamphlets are sold out.
Sarah Rodigari’s Pulp is available as a free download at Rosa Press.

Inaugural pamphlet series for Rosa Press: three softcover, pocket-sized titles from Tom Melick, Sarah Rodigari, and Elena Gomez sold as a single bundle. The pamphlets read fatigue, desire, and communist treats across essay, collage, and poetry