League of Resonance

3 month site-responsive project 
with Jason Maling and Jess Olivieri
City Of Melbourne, Public Art Commission 2011

Presented over a four-month period at the intersection of Elizabeth and Flinders Street in Melbourne city’s centre. The site comprised a public transport interchange (train station and a tram stop), fast food chains, adult bookshops, two small strip clubs, a backpackers hostel and a bar. Due to late-night loitering and disorderly behaviour, the intersection had been identified by the City of Melbourne as a ‘trouble spot’ and was earmarked for urban renewal. We were commissioned to creatively address the ‘difficulties’ in this intersection by producing an artwork that would effect positive change in the area by engaging directly with ‘stakeholders’: the workers, commuters, shop owners, customers, and residents. In response, League of Resonance was an attempt to consider what notions of ‘community’ and ‘belonging’ in this transient area might look like.

League of Resonance used conversation and observations as the primary creative tool to produce three performative events: League Dates, Good Works Programme and Swap Meet: