Composition for Eight Voices (Withdrawal)

Composition for Eight Voices (Withdrawal) was commissioned for the exhibition OK Democracy: we need to talk at Campbelltown Arts Centre in May 2019. The work is composed from eight walking conversations conducted in Paris, Sydney and Melbourne over a six-month period with an anarchist, a poet, a political economist, a journalist, a choreographer, a dancer and a critic. The conversations have been abstracted into a polyphonic score addressing ideas of labour, strike, protest, democracy, voice and representation.

Four of the prints are presented as C, M, Y, K colour separations to represent a specific tone of conversation (discourse, diatribe, debate and Dialogue). These in turn create four distinct poems, which also double as scores for a four-channel sound installation where each speaker sounds the voice of an assigned colour. The fifth print, combining the C, M, Y, K separations, brings all the voices together visually in full colour, and also audibly to produce a polyphonic soundscape in the gallery.

Text extract

Text: Sarah Rodigari with Esther Anatolitis, Elizabeth Humphrys, Erik Jensen, Myriam Lefkowitz, Sabrina Soyer, Kai Simon Stoeger, Beth Weinstein, and Joel White

Graphic Design and Concept: Ella Sutherland
Sound Production: Tim Bruniges