Act Natural

One on One Performance 
Duration: ten minutes
Double Sided Digital Prints

Curated by Kelly Doley and Amanda Rowell for JANIS II 

Invitation to Act Natural
The intrigue and controversy that surrounds Sarah Rodigari’s artwork resides in her continuous redefinition of the relationship between artist and audience that calls into question the limits of artistic practice. These limits enable Rodigari to explore key themes of vulnerability, absence and presence pertaining to socio-political authorship. Act Natural, Rodigari’s much anticipated latest work is unveiled for Janis II at The Commercial and MECLEMOI Gallery on Friday July 26.

For the price of $250 you are invited to purchase one of 18 limited edition live artworks that is Act Natural. On the night in question you will be met by Rodigari’s assistant and ushered into a private purpose built gallery for an intimate encounter. Whist the artist has asked us not the reveal what takes place in this gallery, we can propose that this may well be a once in a life time experience, never to be repeated.  We hope you can join us.